Saturday, 22 May 2010

More Children’s clubs

Today we did a lot of children’s club! The first lot was in Eternity Church and they were really lively! I had to sing with them and then sang a song by myself. Some of them knew some English, and were able to respond to Dad when he talked to them all! The second and third one was in a small village in a little place with 2 rooms, and we did the same sort of stuff! They loved playing with the parachute and playing a ball game! The children are very welcoming and very nice to speak to them. I like the tradition of girls kissing each other on the cheek twice, starting on the right and the men hug each other. We are going to church tomorrow and meeting all the friends we have made, and Sam has made a good impression on the older guys?!
22/5 7:30pm Martha


  1. Hi Martha,
    Great blogging. Just been to a wedding and told people what you were up to and they all all want to do it. You're right, Sam seems just to sit on people's laps,it's part of his charm. Seen any black bears yet?

  2. Dear All, glad to see that you are enjoying your visit and making friends. Great photos, looking forward to seeing the finished slide show with your comentary. Terry & Jo




Wednesday 19th May Fly from London Gatwick at 12.10 Arrive Pristina at 16.15 Local time Journey to Gjakove to settle in to the Smile centre.

Thursday 20th May

Visit to local widow’s family supported by Smile. Child has serious heart condition and visit is with another medical agency.

Visit to Herrec - run a children’s club afternoon Evening meeting at Eternity Church.

Friday 21st May

Visit to Widows Home Visit to meet Pastor Jeton at his Language School

Travel to Rahovec, to help with Smile’s English language course.

Saturday 22nd May

Assist with the Children’s club at Eternity Church in Gjakove.

Lead children’s club at village of Krushe Madhe. Lead Youth group at village of Krushe Madhe.

Visit graves at village of Krushe Madhe.

Sunday 23rd May

Worship at Eternity Church.

Visit to Chambrat War Graves

Walk up to Qabrat Hill

Monday 24th May

Visit to Roma Colony

Free time at the Smile Centre

Travel to Rugova to help the Girl’s Brigade Company

Tuesday 25th May

Distribution of aid to widows and a visit to Mulliq Dobrosh etc

Wednesday 26th May

Visit to Ferdone War Museum in Gjakove.

Visit to Meja War graves and distribute aid.

Help with the Girl’s Brigade at eternity Church. Interview on Radio Pandora

Thursday 27th May

Visit to schools in the Goran region.

Visit to the Fort in Perzeren.

Friday 28th May

Practical work on a widow’s home - probably gardening.
English class at Rahovec

Saturday 29th May

Visit to the mountains and Rugova.

Sunday 30th May

Eddie to preach and Martha to perform at local church

Free afternoon.

Monday 31st May

Smile filmed interview regarding our time in Kosova. Free afternoon in Gjakove.

Help with Girls Brigade in Rugova.

Tuesday 1st June

Visit to Krallan School to help with the teaching. Visit to Lake Radoniqi on the way back.

Wednesday 2nd June

9am – Leave the Smile Centre to Pristina.

Depart for Airport 5pm –

Fly back to the UK arriving back 19.05


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